Jamaica PO Acts

Post Office Guides / Handbooks were published annually(?)

The earliest one recorded by me is 1919 and the latest 1977 but it is quite likely that these dates can be extended.

Listed below are years for which I have produced pdf files from scanned copies. Further contributions would be welcome.

Original copies can be obtained from www.pennymead.com

Flipbook pdf Year   PDFName
Link Link 1919 Jamaica_PO-Guide-1919.pdf
Link Link 1924 Jamaica_PO-Guide-1924.pdf
Link Link 1926 Jamaica_PO-Guide-1926.pdf
Link Link 1927 Jamaica_PO-Guide-1927.pdf
Link Link 1928 Jamaica_PO-Guide-1928.pdf
Link Link 1930 Jamaica_PO-Guide-1930.pdf
Link Link 1931 Jamaica_PO-Guide-1931.pdf
Link Link 1932 Jamaica_PO-Guide-1932.pdf
Link Link 1933 Jamaica_PO-Guide-1933.pdf
Link Link 1934 Jamaica_PO-Guide-1934.pdf
Link Link 1935 Jamaica_PO-Guide-1935.pdf
Link Link 1936 Jamaica_PO-Guide-1936.pdf
Link Link 1937 Jamaica_PO-Guide-1937.pdf
Link Link 1938 Jamaica_PO-Guide-1938.pdf
Link Link 1939 Jamaica_PO-Guide-1939.pdf
Link Link 1940 Jamaica_PO-Guide-1940.pdf
Link Link 1941 Jamaica_PO-Guide-1941.pdf
Link Link 1948 Jamaica_PO-Guide-1948.pdf
Link Link 1952 Jamaica_PO-Guide-1952.pdf
Link Link 1958 Jamaica_PO-Guide-1958.pdf
Link Link 1962 Jamaica_PO-Guide-1962.pdf
Link Link 1965 Later guides have not yet been prepared Jamaica_PO-Guide-1965.pdf
Link Link 1977 This was the last full Guide published Jamaica_PO-Guide-1977.pdf