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The volume list below is subject to amendment when detailed work has been undertaken.

1Postage Stamps to 1935Steve Jarvis & Derek Sutcliffe1995
2Postage Stamps from 1936Not commenced. Hugh James King George VI study paper is comprehensive for KG VI period.
3Postal StationeryCollecting information from archives. Dingle Smith has volunteered to undertake work.
4Postal History and Other Postal ItemsTom Foster 1968 book is a must have start point.
5Postal MarkingsIan Potter published a good listing in 1996, much of which can viewed online at Alan Fincham’s web site.
David Horry published KGVI in 2007 and QE2 is imminent.
Edward Proud published his book in 2004
6GB Used in JamaicaSteve Jarvis2001Updated and full colour version to be developed by 2020
8AirmailsSteve Jarvis2013
91Military, Censorship & PatrioticDerek Sutcliffe2003
2Paul Farrimond and Ray Murphy2015Rewritten version
11Other Non-Postal Items
Postage RatesAirmail rates documented, other services being collated by Steve Jarvis & Paul Wright