Jamaica has used many different types and sub-types of cancelling devices to indicate the location from/via/to post has been routed.

Over the years authors have used various different coding systems to label each of these types for identification. This multitude of references creates confusion!

EJP seeks to consolidate / Cross Reference these systems using a universal system promoted by David Horry.

See also the Publications page for a list of broad-based publications.

Link Title Description
Jamaica Bishop Mark
Jamaica Straight Line (Pre-Adhesive)
Jamaica Fleuron (Pre-Adhesive)
Manuscript (Pre-Adhesive)
Straight Line Town (Pre-Adhesive)
Classic Kingston
Link Classic Post Town (Single-Ring, Double-Ring)
Link Numeral Obliterators
Link Squared Circle
Link Temporary Datestamps
Link Street Letter Boxes
Post Town Modern Double Circles
Post Town Modern Small Single Circles
Registered Ovals
Machine Cancellers (wavy lines & slogans)
Link Meter Marks
Link Travelling Post Offices (Railway, Highway)
Link Accountancy
Link Instructional
Link Miltary, Censorship, Patriotic
Link Jamaica Used Abroad
French Maritime