Leverton Coryton Courtenay Nicholson


NICHOLSON, Leverton Coryton Courtenay 1887-1952. Bank official. Wrote ‘Jamaica Pre-Stamp Covers 1760-1860’, and ‘Jamaica Temporary Rubber Datestamps 1881-1938’. Co-author with Rev CS Morton, GW Collett, and WB Edwards of ‘Jamaica - Its Postal History, Postage Stamps, and Postmarks’ [1928]. Won Congress Cup at PCGB Paignton 1936 for his paper ‘How to run a Philatelic Society successfully’. President Croydon P.S. 1930


Link Type Date Title Description
Link Book 1928 Jamaica – Its Postal History, Postage Stamps and Postmarks Compiler / Editor
Link Pamphlet 1935 Jamaica Pre-Stamp Covers 1760-1860 Author
Link Pamphlet 1939 Jamaica Temporary Rubber Date-Stamps 1881-1938 Author
Link Auction 1940 Harmers Auction #1
Link Auction 1940 Robson Lowe Auction #2
Link Pamphlet 1949 Jamaican Obliteration Numbers Author