Alfred Lichtenstein


The death of ALFRED F. LICHTENSTEIN on the afternoon of the 24th. of Feb. was one of the greatest shocks to our society and members. M. and Mrs. Lichtenstein arrived in Jamaica on the 19th., and on the evening of the 20th. The Jamaica Philatelic Society held a special meeting, at which MT. Lichten-stein displayed his British North American stamps, after which he gave a short talk on the forth-coming New York Exhibition.

Mr and Mrs. Lichtenstein were charmed with our island, the little they saw, before they left on the afternoon of the 23rd.

A philatelist since childhood, Mr. Lichtenstein possessed what several authorities consider one of the most valuable collections existing, its worth being estimated at several million dollars.

A Fellow of The Royal Philatelic Society, London; Chairman of the Philatelic Foundation. a member of the board of Governors of the Collectors Club, and Chairman of the Centenary Exhibition's International jury. The exhibition "Court of Honor" where will be displayed stamps issued prior to 1870, was develop-ed under Mr. Lichtenstein's guid-ance; and a lion. Member of The Jamaica Philatelic Society.

To his Wife and Family, The Society extends their very deepest sympathy,


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