Howard Gaston


Howard J. Gaston, who has compiled the Jamaica Bibliography, published in three issues of the Philatelic Literature Review, is the author of numerous articles all concerned directly with Jamaican philately published in various publications, both in the United States and abroad. While he has nearly complete collections of Cuba, Dominican Republic and Haiti he has also sidelined with two topical interests, of Masonic Philately and Humor Through Stamps, the latter which he titles "PHILATELIC PHUN," soon to be a basis of a series of articles to run in Linn's Weekly Stamp News. However, his major interests lie with his twelve volume collections of Jamaica.

He made the front cover of the magazine STAMP WORLD for his article on the famous inverted frame of the one shilling Jamaica stamps of 1920, by showing an enlargement of his copy of this error on the July/ August 1962 issue. His article was titled "It Could Happen to You."

During his travels, before settling in Granby, Conn., he was an active member of many philatelic clubs, and has the distinction of having served as president of three local clubs in three different states; in Pittsfield, Mass., Pittsburgh; Pa., and Collinsville, Conn., as well as president of the Connecticut Philatelic Society, Inc. and the Jamaica Study Group. He founded the JSG and continues to be most active as Secretary-Treasurer of the organization, and as editor of its Bulletin.

His active memberships in philatelic societies also include: Association Internationale des Journalistes Philateliques (A. I. J. P.), American Philatelic Congress, American Philatelic Society, American Topical Association, British West Indies Study Circle, Masonic Stamp Unit of ATA, Masonic Stamp Club of New York, Vermont Philatelic Society, Philatelic Literature Association, Philatelic Press Club, and the Society of Philatelic Americans.

Constant traveling allows Howard to attend many major stamp exhibitions and he has exhibited in nearly all the larger ones, bringing home a total of thirty eight trophies and gold and silver medals. With such widespread participation, he is being called upon to act as a Judge for exhibitions.

Born December 3, 1914, Mr. Gaston is Sales Manager of a large leather sportswear firm. He is planning to be married soon to Adeline King, who is also a stamp collector.

He started collecting stamps at the age of 7, and has never relinquished his interest, although he was forced to forego active participation during four years in the Air Force during World War II. He considers that he has been a serious collector since 192 15. However, Jamaica philately and the Jamaican Study Group are his greatest interests. The earlier sections of Jamaican Bibliography were published in the June 1963 and First Quarter 1965 issues of the Philatelic Literature Review (Vol. 12 #1 and Vol. 14 #1), available from the Editor at 50c a copy. Membership in the Jamaica Study Group costs $3.00 a year, with application fee of $2.00. Application blanks can be obtained from Mr. Gaston, College Highway, Granby, Conn., 06035


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