Alan Fincham


• Alan is a (retired) Research Professor from the University of Southern California (School of Dentistry).

• He has interests in Caving (speleology), Stamps (philately), Wild flowers (botany), Education (medical/dental) and Biochemistry (dental enamel proteins).

• He has lived and worked in Great Britain, Jamaica, the United States (Washington DC and Los Angeles) and Cyprus.


Link Type Date Title Description
Link Website 2017 Jamaica Postal Markings This site is a work in progress directed to creating a record of the postal markings of the island of Jamaica and is administered by Alan Fincham ( The bulk of the text and detail presented is derived directly from the seminal work of Ian Potter; The Postal Markings of Jamaica. [Potter IA (Ed.). 1996] with updated information where available (e.g. Proud, 2004 [1])*